Are You Resurrecting Thanksgiving Traditions like it's 2019?

This Thursday, we will be having Thanksgiving at Mike’s cousin’s house in Brooklyn, just like old times. It was touch and go whether we would be able to attend or not, but once kids 5-11 were cleared for vaccinations, dinner was on! Their traditional Thanksgiving talent show will be resurrected (Mike’s cousins are one of those families where everyone plays multiple musical instruments) with Harlow doing more than her fair share to represent our less talented corner of the family. She’s either singing Hamilton or dancing to “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once. It will be a game time decision.

We haven’t seen a lot of these people since before the pandemic started (one newly engaged cousin is flying in from California) and we definitely haven’t seen them all together and indoors! I predict lots of hugs and a plethora of wine.

Are you seeing any family you haven’t seen since 2019? Resurrecting any old holiday traditions? Flying anywhere special? Tell me about your Thanksgiving plans in the comments!