Tell Me Your Summer Plans! All Systems Go or Taking It Slow?

Remember when I did a “roll call” last week and asked everyone to introduce themselves? That discussion got so much participation that I got an email from my contact at Substack who said it caused a huge spike in engagement on the platform in general. Woohoo!!!! Look at what a bunch of moms can do! Week #1 of my new newsletter was a big success. Hoping it continues. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Today, I would like to discuss your summer plans. I think faster than most of us expected, things seem to be flipping back to normal. Mazzy’s sleepaway camp is a go. Harlow is going to gymnastics camp three days a week. I’ve got a girls trip planned with my college friends. July is almost completely booked so I’m already looking at August whenever I try to schedule something new.

I’m excited but also missing the slow pace of last summer, just playing in the yard and taking family bike rides. I feel a desire to take it easy, but also feel my FOMO (fear of missing out) kicking in for the first time in a long while.

What are your plans this summer as everything shifts back to normal life? Is it all systems go or are you taking it slow? Are you applying any of the lessons learned from the pandemic like the importance of quality family time, the intimacy of having a closer circle of friends, the ease of less planned activities… or are you living it up with parties, travel and mom nights out?

I’m trying to identify my exact issue and I think it’s that I really enjoyed the quiet downtime when none of us had a choice. Now that there are tons of things I could be doing and people I could be hanging out with, I feel the satisfaction I got from staying home with just my family slipping through my fingers. I’m also missing our small pod of bubble friends. This might be unique to city people having a weekend house, but since everyone is back and forth again on different schedules, our bubble doesn’t see each other by default nearly as often. I almost feel more on our own now than I did during the pandemic. There was something wonderful about everyone collectively having low expectations and zero plans.

Anyone else feeling torn like me?

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