I Think I Need Some Gratitude Affirmations. How About You?

After my post earlier this week about Mike’s Pandemic Gardening Project, which delved into the very modern problem of House Envy (i.e. wondering why you can’t turn your home into a Pinterest Board in 30 seconds like all the DIY home designers on Tiktok), I thought we might all need a reality check and a moment of gratitude. At least I know, I DO.

I’ll start.

1) I am grateful my family is healthy.

2) I am grateful that we do not want for food or shelter.

3) I am grateful my husband can cook.

4) I am grateful for the flexibility of my job.

5) I am grateful that I have a close relationship with both my mom and my dad.

6) I am grateful for all the progress that Harlow is making in her new school.

7) I am grateful that Mazzy is such a cool, confident kid.

8) I am grateful that the pandemic helped me re-prioritize and spend more time at home with my kids.

9) I am grateful for morning coffee on my swing with Frankie.

10) I am grateful for good friends who stuck around even when our lives used to be so busy and unavailable. I now understand more clearly how valuable those relationships are.

11) I am grateful for this community. You all have shown me so much kindness.

Your turn!