What is Apparently?

Apparently is a newsletter by me, Ilana Wiles, who you might know as my alter egos: @mommyshorts and/or @averageparentproblems on Instagram. I’ve been writing a mom blog about my kids for the past 11 years, and now that they are 12 and 9, this is my attempt to a) create a smaller, more private space to write about the parts of parenting I don’t want to be so public and b) write about topics I find interesting that don’t necessarily involve my kids. 

Apparently will include my thoughts on the tween years, internet culture, city living, politics, TV shows, beauty standards, and how all of these things intersect with being both a person and a mom. There will be one long form article weekly and a weekly discussion thread which may or may not be about thinly veiled personal issues that I am struggling with myself.

I chose to call this space "Apparently" because it can be about parenting (see how the word "parent" sits nicely in the middle?) or about pretty much anything else. Over the years, I’ve found that I use the word pretty frequently and I think that’s because I am always playing catch up when it comes to most things. There aren’t a lot of people on the internet trying to get your attention by being a non-expert, so I’m just going to lean into it. I find that sometimes it’s just as necessary to hear from people who are processing their thoughts as it is to hear from experts. The older I get, the more certainty feels a little disingenuous.

In addition to being a place to share my thoughts, my goal is to create a community of like-minded people in a similar parenting stage or phase of life. A community similar to what my blog comment section was when I first started writing, similar to what my facebook group was before it got too big, similar to what Instagram felt like five years ago. And my hope is that I can recreate what was so great about those communities by asking for paying and non-paying subscribers. 

Why Should I Subscribe?

This newsletter gives me the ability to create a smaller but more meaningful community of readers. It gives special access to invested fans and creates a safe space for us to speak freely, without worrying about trolls and spam in the comment section. It give us all a simple online space that’s easy on the eyes with no distracting pop-ups, slideshows or display ads. And lastly, paying subscribers give me incentive to really put time into the things I wish to write about.

Here’s how it breaks down…

Zero Dollars. For the low, low price of $0, free subscribers will get access to pretty much all my weekly long form blog posts. I say “pretty much” because I’m almost 95% sure that there’s gonna be a post about my eye surgery with before, during and after photos that will most definitely be locked down.

$6/month or $60/year. Paid subscribers will get access to all my written posts, including more private posts that I chose to publish for paid subscribers only. They will also get the option to add themselves to my “close friends” list on Instagram where I share additional daily stories, like behind the scenes and Q&As about more personal topics. When you click to subscribe, you will immediately get an email with instructions of how to join. In addition, paid subscribers get unlimited commenting privileges, access to my Big Kid Support Group with the ability to ask anonymous questions for discussion and any other bonus features as they come up.

$100/year is suggested, but you can enter any amount above $60. Founding members are longtime fans who want to show an extra level of support. No, it’s not a deal. This is more an opportunity to show me you’re invested, you’re excited and you’re fully on board for this new endeavor. Maybe you’ve been reading me for the past ten years and this is a bit of payback. Maybe you just inherited some money from a distant relative and need to get rid of it for tax purposes. Maybe you’re just the generous kind. For your patronage, you'll get my undying devotion and a special little founding member icon next to your name whenever you leave a comment.

Important Note! Please do not feel pressure to pay before you are ready. Click the free option, check it out and then make your decision down the line. Additionally, if you are a longtime fan and do not have the means to show support the way you would like, please send me an email.


Ilana Wiles 
Mom blogger, meme maker and content creator slowly weaning herself off the “parenting space”