Roll Call: Where Do You Live?

A subscriber recently commented that she’d love to use this community as a way to make real life social connections. In her words, “many of us are like-minded, similarly aged, and probably have similar interests since we all follow you. Maybe actual friends can be made. Your timing of branching off into focusing on yourself independent from children might prove to be an excellent springboard for us as well.” She suggested Mommy Shorts/Apparently meet-ups centered around major cities and then maybe splintering into more local areas.

That all sounds amazing, but I feel like my fear of throwing a party and nobody showing up would majorly hinder this plan. So let’s start small. Let’s figure out where we all overlap in location…

Leave a comment below with your city and state. Include your country if you are outside of the US.

Put your location first in your comment so that others can scan and see it easily. Before leaving a comment, please read through everyone’s responses. If your city has already been mentioned, leave your comment under that thread instead of starting a new one. This way I can see how many people are in each place and you can feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

Will you use this to meet up in real life having nothing to do with me? That is up to you. Will I consider doing a post-Covid meet-up in the city with the most comments? Maybe! Am I interested in having a super awkward meet-up with one or two new mom friends in NYC? Yes, for sure! Would I hop on a plane tomorrow if I discover I’ve got a plethora of followers in the South of France? Most definitely!

I think when the idea of meet-ups around social media presences first started popping up, it was hoards of fans surrounding huge personalities like DJ Khaled and Jake Paul. I thought, I would never attract that many people which might make the meet-up feel unsuccessful. But recently, I saw a tiktok with four women having brunch, each with an identical looking pug in an equally adorable outfit. In the comments, someone said, “How did you find a group of friends with such an identical interest?” And the answer was, “We met online!”

In my old age, I no longer desire a party filled with adoring fans. I just want four friends with identical dogs eating brunch.

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